Monarch Ex (Single No Threshold-Caterpillar system)

Modular, Pleated Fly Net with Adjustable Height and Width

Monarch Ex
Its design and engineering works are performed in Japan.

When the Monarch plus is used as single wing it can have 2.8 meters height and 2 meters width.

The pleated veil is decorative, compact and cleanable.

Our Monarch plus pleated fly net system moves on the lower rail which we call threshold free profile which is 3 mm in height which is a first in the world industry.

The pleated veil can be rolled back to its special case when not used.

Monarch Plus can be used as double system, in other words can be joined in the middle. It can cover an area of 4 meters in an efficient way. The main cartridge where pleated veil provides easy change.

It makes the veil stretched and tight.
It allows smooth and decent operation manually. It has an easy and fast control mechanism.
It can be moved towards wherever you want by hand and it can be stopped wherever you want.
Monarch Plus pleated fly net system is available in various dimensions
It is manufactured by order which is unique to each customer’s needs. Its montage is performed precisely by oem pleating expert and an experienced worker.

Both the height and width of profile and veil of the fly net can be cut and adjusted in desired dimensions. It allows you to adjust it in desired dimensions and stocking.
Monarch plus is designed as a system operated manually. Spring is not used in this model. Thus it is both silent and can work several years without any problem.
Butterfly hook is connected to the veils in pleated veil. Thus the pleated veil cannot get out of its place even in the windiest weathers.
(Monarch plus pleated fly net can be mounted on several woodwork models such as inner and outer hinged.
It is sized by the factory before and fits to its place easily in any use. For all doors, it provides solutions from standard to wide width.
*possible to stock it as kit
*possible to cut its height and width
*provides easy movement with just 3 mm lower threshold
*the veils used are 100% polyester and water & sun resistant
*thanks to the palettes in lower panels, it is impossible for the veil to get out of its slot
*there is wind and security stop available
* wear resistance test is performed 10.000 times.

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