Plisse Curtain with Screw

Ensures Energy Saving

Especially in summer, it blocks sun rays and decreases the heating of inside. Thus, your air conditioner spends less electricity and you can save money.

It is decorative and aesthetical
It provides you a decorative look and latest trends in fashion.

Special Method Textile Fabric
Pleated curtain which is polyester has long product life because of its dirt & water proof and non-flammable structure. S.d.s. pleated curtains are pleated with cutting edge technology machines by s.d.s.

Easy Cleaning
The special coating of the fabric has dirt proof features and thanks to this feature you can use your curtain without making it dirty for a long time. You can clean it only with a dampened sponge.

Ability to be mounted on already mounted glass balconies
It is another important feature that it cannot only mounted on glass balcony during production but also on all pliable glass balcony systems already mounted.

Applicable Dimensions
In pleated curtain single piece it can be applied max. width: 150 cm; max. height: 235 cm.

It is possible to mount separately
It is mounted on each glass wing, on each separate glass wings and when used, only the pleated curtain on the desired wing is opened and closed.

Ability to work bidirectional You can operate the system whichever direction you want, bottom to up or up to bottom.

Ability to stop wherever you want on the glass It provides more functionality during usage by its feature of stopping the pleated curtain wherever you want on the glass.

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